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How To File Type Limit Content Search? Ex. IN *.htm* Find Word "?tant"

Show David Balch added a comment - 06/Aug/14 5:39 PM The groups are definitely a good approach. Please try the request again. Are you using the code on Moodle 2.6 or later? Minor points: M.util.get_string() - the AMD version of this is the core/str module which will actually fetch missing strings as required (and so is preferred - once fetched the strings will http://maccomputersupply.com/how-to/change-file-type-description-windows-10.html

On the assumption people do, here's a light rebasing of what I did last year onto current 'master' for comment: https://github.com/jonof/moodle/compare/wip-MDL-39913_master-new . Any idea? Hide Permalink David Balch added a comment - 15/Aug/14 5:18 PM Yeah, the basic concept works, but it does seem a little unwieldy :-/ I did find that increasing the height Could you please give us an update on this issue and let us know we there's anything we can do to support the development? http://forum.sublimetext.com/t/find-in-files-of-filetype/4809

library so that it can be used elsewhere in Moodle without having to keep re-inventing the wheel? archive;image/png;.bz2 The course module edit form currently shows a vast many checkboxes for type groups and the specific mimetypes contained in each. At the moment there is nothing stopping someone enabling plagiarism detection which requires .doc, .pdf etc and then setting the file restriction to an incompatible type like .zip. Hide Permalink Jonathon Fowler added a comment - 01/Apr/15 7:58 AM I haven't returned to finish it up yet.

Jonathon Show Jonathon Fowler added a comment - 06/Jul/15 8:56 AM - edited Hi all While I've been otherwise busy it appears Moodle 2.9 gained the ability to configure file types The html table for the file types setting is not accessible - it is missing "scope" on the column headers and there is no sensible way to label the rows. Show David Balch added a comment - 06/Mar/14 12:52 PM Hi Jonathon. We appreciate your feedback.

Revised Ranger Animal Companion Damage How to tell my parents I want to marry my girlfriend Name that Country! Also, did the plugin install correctly from the 'Notifications' page? You can also filter results to those within a specific folder by typing the name or by navigating to a folder through your folder structure. https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-39913 Users Online (983) Contributors UserServices Karna Quick Links Customers Events Partners Product Downloads Resources Videos Webinars User Guide Company Overview Press Investor Relations Leadership Blog Contact Us Executive Visit Developers Overview

No unit tests or behat tests for any of this new code (deal breaker). There's a perfectly good tool for finding files with a VERY obvious name. –Ed Morton Oct 9 '13 at 17:58 add a comment| 8 Answers 8 active oldest votes up vote Hide Permalink Michael Milette added a comment - 02/Dec/14 2:03 AM Is this code organized in such a way so that it will be possible to re-use this functionality for Forum Show Mark Pearson added a comment - 19/Aug/14 11:04 PM - edited I love this idea of being able to create a set of your own acceptable filetypes.

Type the name of the group or user you want to set permissions for and then click OK. (When adding a new user or group, by default, this user or group https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb456977.aspx Linked 1 Combine Grep commands so I only list results from .pro files? 0 How do I grep multiple possible extensions recursively Related 2018Grep a file, but show several surrounding lines?522Use The only reliability or robustness you'll get is to ensure students won't submit useless files, and it's been expressed that this will be helpful when PDF annotation is the intended marking For example: Several common types, like pptx and xlsx, are not designated to be in their respective logical 'presentation' or 'spreadsheet' groups.

Have we ever seen Data make use of his "multiple techniques" before First Contact? this contact form MDL-45385 is a bit of a shame, but if/when a solution is put together it should apply or be portable to this. I don't think that the custom admin setting is needed at all really - it creates more problems. The "Web-safe" groups were initially a bit confusing, but figured out that they're convenience options to select a sub-set of the related groups.

I think that putting the code into Submission types is a perfectly legitimate thing. Definition of default groups, and file types within those groups Choosing from only those in the site's permitted groups and types. jtreher 2012-03-12 12:12:48 UTC #4 jbjornson: On the find in files dialog, there is a "Where:" text box and an associated "..." button . have a peek here Do one of the following: To allow or deny a permission, in the Permissions for User or Group box, select the Allow or Deny check box.

If this goes into core then I think other plugins would need the ability to override any manual settings. Per-assignment settings: Enable/disable restrictions (as current branch) Override of assignment defaults Within site's permitted groups and file types. I'm somewhat cautious about that change, but it seems to be the only reasonable place to make it.

Hide Permalink Jonathon Fowler added a comment - 17/Oct/15 6:16 PM Mark Pearson: https://github.com/jonof/moodle.git branch wip-MDL-39913_master-jschooser It's had several more additions since my last post.

Instead of using a custom admin setting - why not use the already existing groupings in the "get_mimetypes_array" function. To that end, I'm trying to think of an ideal way to present the checkboxes for selecting file types/groups for teachers to pick through. Use CSS/JS to show/hide the types when their group is selected/deselected, respectively. Show Jonathon Fowler added a comment - 06/Aug/14 2:01 PM - edited Here's a bit of a rework, currently incomplete but functional, to provide some food for thought: https://github.com/jonof/moodle/commit/e1737a56b442ddf79d71daaf85fc8423b3b500da This is

Hot Network Questions How does Tony know Pussy is an informant? I guess this is useful for your group, but I'm not sure if it will be very widely useful - whilst adding to the length of the options. Note that there's configuration under "Site administration / Plugins / Activity modules / Assignment / Submission plugins / File submissions" with limited defaults to allow site admins to whittle down Moodle's Check This Out Site policy | Contact Help JIRA Core help Keyboard Shortcuts About JIRA JIRA Credits Log In Personal Calendar for Gantt-Charts Download JIRA Client Export Tools MoodleMDL-39913File type restrictions for Assignment submissionsLog

Hide Permalink Jonathon Fowler added a comment - 09/May/14 12:48 PM Jun Wan: That's correct. I've also created a small commit (https://github.com/tonyjbutler/moodle/commit/f1724295acd464ca220d0a9e62958406c1f2d00c) that removes the 'Other file types...' text and just lists the extensions if nothing has been selected from the list of type groups, and PDF in that mimetype list currently has no group - I would put PDF in it's own group and ignore any mimetypes that do not have a group. Minor points: M.util.get_string() - the AMD version of this is the core/str module which will actually fetch missing strings as required (and so is preferred - once fetched the strings will

I'll add cime to this issue so CiBot can find these for you. So *.cpp worked for me. –vaichidrewar Oct 18 '13 at 20:56 I would suggest cleaning the answer as suggested by Zack. So then, to my concerns so far: Firstly, it seems to me that Moodle's get_mimetypes_array() information really needs cleanup and improvement.

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