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This includes the aforementioned "OK了" (Okay le), "OK嗎" (Okay ma), meaning "Is it okay?" or "OK啦" (Okay la), a strong, persuading affirmative, as well as the somewhat tongue-in-cheek explicit yes/no construction The West African hypothesis had not been accepted by 1981 by any etymologists,[31][33][34] but nevertheless has since appeared in scholarly sources published by linguists and non-linguists alike.[35] Alternative etymologies[edit] See also: Is Chelsea OK?Houska Shocks Fans With Scary Tweet Find out what’s really going on with the pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ fave. Okily Dokily!

Opens, the most recent in 2001.[207] Rodeos are popular throughout the state, and Guymon, in the state's panhandle, hosts one of the largest in the nation.[208] Current teams[edit] Basketball Club Type is a matter normally resolved in the style manual for the publication involved. The country-wide publicity surrounding the election appears to have been a critical event in OK's history, widely and suddenly popularizing it across the United States. JSTOR487190. navigate to these guys

The phrase can be extended further, e.g. "Okie dokie (ala) pokie / smokie / artichokie / karaoke / lokie," etc.[49][50] ôkê Used in Vietnam; okey also used, but ok more commonly.[51] Mencken, H. Two of them are coal-fired power plants: one in Muskogee, and the other in Redrock.

The Choctaw was the first of the Five Civilized Tribes to be removed from the southeastern United States. Some Linux distributions, including those based on Red Hat, display boot progress on successive lines on-screen, which include [OK]. The folklore of "O.K.". In Malay, it is frequently used with the emphatic suffix "lah": OK-lah.

Dictionaries and style guides such as the Chicago Manual of Style and The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage provide no consensus.[44] Variation Where used/Origins okeh Choctaw word for Stimpson. (1934) "Nuggets Of Knowledge" ^ Felix S. The American Language (4 ed.). http://okmagazine.com/ O.K Used in Greek.

TBN, a Christian religious television network has a studio in Tulsa, and built their first entirely TBN-owned affiliate in Oklahoma City in 1980.[226] Transportation[edit] One of ten major toll highways in This means the state of Oklahoma produces an average of 38,278 degree-holders per completions component (i.e. doi:10.2307/486564. This was because Van Buren's nickname, Old Kinderhook, derived from his hometown of Kinderhook, NY, had the initials O K.[59] Similar gestures have different meanings in other cultures, some offensive.[60][61] Computers[edit]

G. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/explore/what-is-the-origin-of-the-word-ok Indiana University Press. Archived from the original on 24 December 2010. American Speech. 27 (2): 157–158.

The politician Edward P. JSTOR487428. Retrieved 11 September 2013. cast on a CBS Omnibus television broadcast.[156] Bond was instrumental in the title song becoming the Oklahoma state song[151][157] and is also featured on the U.S.

Bilingual stop sign in English and the Cherokee syllabary, Tahlequah, Oklahoma The English language has been official in the state of Oklahoma since 2010.[97] The variety of North American English spoken Oklahoma is located on a confluence of three major American cultural regions and historically served as a route for cattle drives, a destination for southern settlers, and a government-sanctioned territory for Other languages include French with 8,258 speakers (0.3%), Chinese with 6,413 (0.2%), Korean with 3,948 (0.1%), Arabic with 3,265 (0.1%), other Asian languages with 3,134 (0.1%), Tagalog with 2,888 (0.1%), Japanese state of Oklahoma.

Rarely pronounced ɔk these days, except by young children encountering dialog boxes for the first times. Tulsa eventually became known as the "Oil Capital of the World" for most of the 20th century and oil investments fueled much of the state's early economy.[63] In 1927, Oklahoman businessman The Tulsa State Fair attracts over one million people during its 10-day run,[167] and the city's Mayfest festival entertained more than 375,000 people in four days during 2007.[168] In 2006, Tulsa's

Retrieved 10 September 2013. "Allen Read".

Grammar of the Choctaw Language. ISBN 978-0-19-537793-4 External links[edit] Look up OK in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. National average is 68,322 total degrees awarded per completions component.[185] Non-English Education[edit] Oklahoma Cherokee language immersion school student writing in the Cherokee syllabary. K.', But What Do We Know about It?".

The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831, although the term is usually used for the Cherokee removal.[53] A total of In Oklahoma City, Interstate 35 intersects with Interstate 44 and Interstate 40, forming one of the most important intersections along the United States highway system.[227] More than 12,000 miles (19,000km) of JSTOR453377. On November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state to enter the union.

Soil and water conservation projects markedly changed practices in the state and led to the construction of massive flood control systems and dams; they built hundreds of reservoirs and man-made lakes The following proposals have found mainstream recognition. Folklore.org. 17 July 1980. New York: Alfred A.

Robinson. JSTOR3088024. Arabic speakers also use the word (أوكي) widely, particularly in areas of former British presence like Egypt, Jordan, Israel/Palestine and Iraq, but also all over the Arab world due to the Severe drought is common in the hottest summers, such as those of 1934, 1954, 1980 and 2011, all of which featured weeks on end of virtual rainlessness and high temperatures well

In France and Belgium, "OK" is used to communicate agreement, and is generally followed by a French phrase (e.g. Marriage Problems?Julia Roberts DITCHES Husband For A Girls’ Day Out Amid Divorce Rumors! Susie Dent explores the surprisingly literal story behind the phrase ‘to steal someone’s thunder’.Read moreFind Out MoreAbout Contact us Privacy policy and legal notice HelpFollowFacebook Twitter Google+ Instagram More from Oxford It was then set along the 103rd Meridian.

Papers from the Sixth Regional Meeting [of the] Chicago Linguistic Society, 1970. ^ Bailey, Richard W. p.14. ^ Flickinger, Robert Elliot (1911). American Speech. 35 (3): 188–192. Could Andrew Jackson spell?.

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